Dr. Ansel a Professional Chiropractor based in Nanaimo BC

Is pain interfering with your hips, spine, or another painful herniated disc? Are you in dire need of an experienced chiropractor? Do you want to improve your health condition using safe, drug-free, and non-surgical procedure? Then let Dr. Ansel help you on your feet, doing what you love doing sooner than you think. He’s an experienced chiropractor and a member of the British Columbia Chiropractor Association. He’s also a member of National Upper Cervical Chiropractor Association! This goal-driven, result-oriented physician has practiced cervix-specific techniques to relieve low back pain and even headache since 2005. After graduating college that year, he started Updegrove Chiropractic Clinic before he left in 2011. Then he moved into his own well-stocked chiropractic clinic known as Long Lake clinic in Nanaimo B.C, in 2015, where he treats all kinds of spine diseases—His gentle treatment banishes pain! Unlike other chiropractors in town, he diagnoses spine problems and forms an unbiased expert report—He carefully examines your lifestyle habits, evaluates your fitness level, and look out for systemic deficiencies from a professional and holistic standpoint. He tries to accommodate his patient’s busy schedule and provides complete care for all his patients. Many patients have experienced great relief under his care. Since he’s cervix-specific, his procedure is quite different—he tries to free the spine by aligning the head and neck— From Vertigo to Whiplash, this procedure is an effective panacea for quite a number of health ailments. He also treats Headache, Concussion, Sciatic pain, Numbness, tingling of the hands, and host of other body pain. He always makes sure his patients are educated and his goal is fixed – Speedy recovery of patients! I must admit that Dr. Ansel is one of the best and experienced Chiropractor in Nanaimo, B.C, and nationwide. His clinic is situated at 120 Black powder Trail, Nanaimo, BC V9S3G6 and is open during week days. I should also state that He’s always open to consultation and may be reached via his email chiropractic@dr-ansel.com. For more information visit our website at http://www.dr-ansel.com/


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