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Jennifer had a serious boot fetish…

She sat in the coffee house, waiting. Her hands kept touching the cup in front of her or her hair – reflexively adjusting it, stealing glances at herself in the floor to ceiling window by her table. Men walked by with furtive glances. This was new. She got her share of attention – early thirties, slim, pale blue eyes, and shoulder length auburn hair just like she wore in her early twenties. But something was different in these looks, and not just in their frequency. She smiled to herself. She knew why. Her eyes traveled to her crossed legs and the knee high boots she wore. Soft black leather gleaming in the light. A long, pointy toe and stiletto 4″ heels. Never had she worn anything like this before, usually adorning her feet in sensible, low heeled shoes. But she felt, finally, like herself in these boots. As if something dormant had come alive when she finally put them on. Something had come alive. A desire or, more precisely, desires. She realized that she had a boot fetish.

Things denied. Like when she found herself staring at her junior high algebra teacher’s fashion boots. She would feel something stir. A longing. But it was wrong. Why? She couldn’t talk about this. Not with her friends. Not in her conservative group of affluent teens. It was more than admiration of this woman. At night, in her bed, she would try to dispel the thoughts. The boots, the long legs of her teacher. The need felt between her legs. But this wasn’t the first. No, she knew that. Even at age six, home from school early, she would play dress up. She didn’t know why. She would steal into her mother’s closet, slip on her hose and clumsily put on her go-go boots. Then some lipstick. Parade in front of the mirror. Her mother laughed once, when she found her. How cute honey. Yes, she was cute, but why did she choose the boots? Years passed. New interests and suppressed memories. When she grew up with her friends, the fashions came and went. Usually preppy. L.L. Bean clones. Athletic boyfriends. To be part of her crowd, she’d make the scornful comments about girls who dressed trashy in tall heels, leather.

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